butterfly24: meh!


Aug 8 2013 at 01:06am
I stay up late last night.been thinking soo seriously! But I couldn't shake the feeling that something was really wrong.it didn't help to tell myself to be reasonable..emotions have a life of their own,and mine were in a tumult..I felt an almost overwhelming impulse to reach for my diary.I've been keeping a journal for decade and I've filled almost a dozen cloth-covered volumes with reflections on my day-to-day life.Everythings in there
.triumphs, disappointments,hopes,dreams,fears,secrets.I understand things better when I write about them.I always turn to my journal when I'm sad or lonely or confused.this time, though, I didn't intend to write in my diary.I wanted to read it! Countless entries in the past were about my relationship...had a lot of ups and downs...maybe my diary would provide a clue for what was happening to us now. Maybe it would help me figure out what to do next. If nothing else, reading it could make me feel less alone.Haizzz!-- feeling meh


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